Government & Regulatory Investigations Defense

Government investigations are among the most significant matters companies and individuals can face. Their reputation, their company, even their liberty is on the line.

Navigating Critical Moments

Companies and individuals need an experienced advocate and advisor who knows how to navigate these critical moments, has credibility with the government, can efficiently but thoroughly find facts, and sees the bigger picture and broader implications. They need someone who can distill the risk so that senior executives can make informed decisions in the best interests of their company and individuals can determine the best course of action. And they need a strategic thinker who can provide direct and clear advice.

Quickly Identifying Key Facts

For more than 15 years, Nick has handled companies’ and individuals’ most sensitive matters, including as a partner in a large law firm and then a senior leader of Google and Alphabet’s high-risk regulatory response and investigations team. He has led and supervised countless internal investigations all over the world that quickly identified key facts and enabled him to concisely communicate the results to key decision makers and prepare regulatory responses.

Instilling Confidence in Company Management

With a deep understanding of the importance of instilling confidence in company management and demonstrating to regulators that there are no problems – or that any issues have been fully resolved with heightened controls to prevent recurrence – Nick goes beyond the allegations to fully assess the situation, find root causes, recommend mitigating actions, empower businesses and individuals to prevent future issues, and defend his clients’ interests at all times.

Successful Outcomes

He also has a proven track record of successful outcomes. He was a key member of a legal team that successfully defended a former member of Congress in criminal, regulatory, and civil litigation matters. He has prepared numerous witnesses for critical government interviews in criminal matters. And he has won victories for his clients by convincing regulators to close matters without action by showing that there’s no there there.


  • Defending companies and financial institutions in government or regulatory inquiries (DOJ, SEC, FTC, FEC, OFAC, FINRA, OCC, CFPB, state AGs, foreign authorities and DPAs).
  • Defending individual subjects and representing witnesses in investigations – including as pool counsel to groups of employees.
  • Presenting to authorities on compliance controls and enhancements.
  • Conducting internal investigations in connection with potential allegations of wrongdoing (e.g., business ethics concerns, insider trading allegations, etc).

Nick is an experienced advocate, a skilled investigator, and a trusted advisor who provides exceptional, personalized client service.