Congressional Oversight, Investigations & Political Law

Bright lights, rolling cameras, and aggressive questioning for all the world to see.

There’s no question that testifying before Congress is an intense and stressful experience. But with the right approach and careful preparation, it can be a great opportunity to communicate your message. It’s all about knowing what to expect, keeping calm, and staying on message.

Shine in the congressional spotlight

Nick has prepared senior executives for just these moments – and just these opportunities. Drawing on experience as an outside counsel to a former member of Congress, in-house counsel to a Big Tech company whose executives testified in numerous congressional hearings, and someone who started his career as a politics major, a Hill intern, and a campaign staffer, he has the skills and experience to help companies and individuals shine in the congressional spotlight.

Congressional investigations require similar expertise. Nick’s deep experience with government and regulatory defense, combined with his understanding of Congress’s different approach, tools, and objectives, enables him to advocate for his clients effectively before congressional committees and in response to individual members.

Extensive network of contacts

Over the years Nick has also developed an extensive network of contacts in the world of congressional investigations – enabling him to forge strong and respectful working relationships with people on all sides of the political spectrum.

Nick also has significant experience representing political figures in connection with all manner of investigations including criminal matters, FEC inquiries, congressional ethics issues, and related civil matters.

A highly effective advocate

Nick has lived in Washington, DC for more than 20 years, and knows how it works. Immersed in politics, but with a deep understanding of how companies actually work, Nick’s mix of experience enables him to be a highly effective advocate in the political world.


  • Testimony preparation and mooting
  • Congressional interview requests
  • Congressional subpoena and letter responses
  • Congressional ethics advice
  • Federal election law compliance
  • Representation of political figures

Nick is an experienced advocate, a skilled investigator, and a trusted advisor who provides exceptional, personalized client service.